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How New York Is Making Co-ops and Condos Eco-Friendly

new-york-472392_960_720In recent years, everyone in New York city has been going green. Many shareholders and boards of co-ops and condos are working hard to incorporate green initiatives into their architecture and their modes of operation. The gold standard for green residential initiative is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, which was put in place by the U.S. Green Building council.


The U.S. Green Building council has stated in the past that the residential market benefits from using green building techniques. A number of homes are registered for LEED for Homes certification. In 2013, the USGBC found that more than half of all LEED-certified homes were in the category of affordable housing. As environmental consciousness increases, more and more buildings and associations are developing “green” committees. Let’s look at how these committees affect residences in New York City.

Green Initiatives In Housing

Property managers are taking a greater interest to green initiatives in co-ops and condos. This includes heat reclamation, as well as the installation of solar panels, green roofs, green lighting, and living walls. One of the first projects that these buildings take on tends be the lighting. Lighting is a good idea for a first project because it pays for itself quickly. Another easy initiative to instill is the use of green products for building housekeeping. There are also a lot of efforts regarding the conversion from oil to gas.


Committees & Resources

Residents of a building are more likely to go green when the community around them advocates for green issues. People who want to learn about making their building community more green can visit GreenHomeNYC. This company runs a number of initiatives, programs, and green building tours. They also have a program called “HouseCalls” which provides information sessions about incorporating environmental issues on co-op and condo boards.

Getting The Board Involved

For buildings to be truly green throughout, the management and the board need to be fully supportive of green initiatives. That being said, the best idea is to establish a separate committee or subcommittee for green issues outside of the board. There are a few specific people that this committee should include. It is a good idea to have an engineer, an architect, a scientist or a building professional. This will ensure that the proper research is done before a recommendation is brought formally before the board. It is also important to include residents, of course, to ensure the wellbeing of the building community.

More and more buildings are becoming green in New York. If you want to live in a co-o or condo that makes an effort to help the environment, these initiatives are some things to look for. And if you want to get your condo or co-op to take on more green initiatives, these tips are a great way to start.