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Daniel Neiditch is the president of River 2 River Realty Inc., a family business with decades of experience in the complex world of New York real estate.

Dan Neiditch

Daniel’s goal as president is to simplify and streamline the often overwhelming experiences of selling, buying, renting, or managing property in New York. He and his team work to provide exceptional customer service because they understand that personal, clear communication is key to providing the real estate options that customers deserve.

In addition to personalized support for customers, there’s another driving force behind Daniel Neiditch’s success in real estate: his progressive, “green” environmental views. He places a lot of emphasis on sustainable, earth-friendly real estate, and he installed the highest residential solar array in the United States at the The Atelier Condo building in New York City.

The Atelier Condo is one of Daniel Neiditch’s greatest accomplishments as a leader in real estate. He has been the president of the building since it opened in 2007. The Atelier Condo is located on West 42nd Street in the heart of New York City, and in addition to the solar distinction, The Atelier Condo boasts the highest outdoor pool in New York City (on the 47th floor). The glass and steel condo offers an unbeatable view of the city. It overlooks the Hudson River to the west, and residents can see the iconic Empire State Building and Times Square from their homes.

From its huge health club to the basketball court and the famed movie theater, it’s no wonder that the condo is one of the most well-known properties in the area. Neiditch attributes the building’s success not only to its obvious perks, but to the security of its tenants. As the president of The Atelier Condo, Daniel ensures that every person who leases an apartment receives the privacy they deserve. He also uses the condo as an example of his goal to never waste space– he oversees the revamped, event-friendly rooftop and the premium appliances and fixtures which make the most of the residential spaces.

The Atelier Condo offers a number of exciting activities for visitors. The ice skating rink on the roof, which is the tallest outdoor ice skating rink in the United States, is open to the public to reserve private parties. Major televised boxing events have been hosted on the roof, and celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Brendan Fraser have stayed at the famed luxury condo. The Atelier Condo also held an event in 2008 for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Daniel Neiditch owns many of the shares in The Atelier Condo, which continues to flourish as one of the most beautiful buildings in New York.

Overall River 2 River continues to grow under Dan’s supervision. The business has acquired over a billion dollars in real estate holdings to date, and Dan loves to share real estate advice and supply all the latest property opportunities across New York State.